E Bike Shopping Directory Information

MikesBikes.com - Huge selection of E-Bikes. Note that this site sells multiple brands of E-Bikes.

Magicyclebike.com - Nice selection of E-Bikes, high quality - and priced right.

Vintage Electric Bikes - Unique, high quality E-Bikes out of Santa Clara, CA.

Avadar.com - 10 different styles of E-Bikes with free shipping and free returns.

SenadaBikes.com - Senada Bikes has 7 nice styles of E-Bikes - ALL on sale.

Scheels.com - Scheels.com has some pretty cool E-Bikes of their own, but also offers a few name brand E-Bikes, such as Electra, Trek, and QuietKat. Nice selection.

- EBikesGuide101.com